The lightest, most powerful and most efficient electric outboards available, the Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 is the leading electric solution for pontoon boats, sailboats, small boats, commercial operations and users on lakes that limit the use of combustion motors.

Due to the use of a highly efficient rare earth magnet torque motor, electronics and gear package, Torqeedo Cruise models deliver up to twice the range from the same battery supply compared to other popular electric motors with high-tech features such as GPS-based range calculation, up-to-the-minute accurate battery status and speed calculations and its ability to work with cool accessories like Torqeedo’s smartphone app, TorqTrac.

Solid aluminum lower unit provides improved protection from impact damage, corrosion, fishing lines and debris. The Cruise 4.0 delivers the propulsive power of a 8hp and the thrust of a 9.9hp combustion outboard. Tiller steering – long shaft.


Key Features

Onboard computer with GPS: All models have a GPS onboard computer and display in the tiller with real-time display of speed and input power – and the exact battery status and remaining range when used in combination with the Power 26-104 lithium battery

Submersible Waterproof Rating: Housing and all plug connections waterproof to IP67 standards

Rugged Design: Extra robust design, with lubricant-free polymer plain bearing that protects against damage from debris and is wear-resistant and maintenance-free

Aluminum Pylon: Stable pylon made from marine grade anodized aluminum and with an extra-reinforced fin, suitable for the toughest conditions


Input Power in Watts: 4,000W

Propulsive Power in Watts: 2,240W

Equivalent Gas Outboard: 8hp equivalent propulsive power; 9.9hp equivalent thrust

Static Thrust in Pounds: 189lb.

Max. Propeller Speed: 1,300rpm

Volts: 48V

Battery: External (sold separately)

Shaft Length: 29 11/16”L

Weight: 35.42lb.

Steering Type: Tiller, 360° lockable

Gearing: F-R continuously variable

Trim: Manual, 4-step

Tilt Angle: 61.3°

Warranty: Two years limited



Torqeedo Cruise 4.0T Electric Outboard, Long Shaft, Tiller Steering


Operating Range

Cruise 4.0 with two Power 26-104 Battery or four 12V AGM Batteries (48V) totaling 200Ah

Speed in knots (km/h)* Range in statute miles (km)* Running time in hours:
Slow 2.7 (5.0) 29 (54) 10:45
Full throttle 7.0 (13) 8 (15) 1:10

*Depends on type of boat, load, propeller and conditions.

What’s Included

Cruise 4.0T

Integrated onboard computer with GPS and display

fuse and main switch

emergency magnetic stop

25 mm2 cable set (3m)

battery cable bridge for lead batteries

tiller control



Torqeedo Cruise 4.0T Electric Outboard, Long Shaft, Tiller Steering


Cruise 4.0T Electric Outboard, Long Shaft, Tiller Steering

Name Value
Battery Life 1 Hour 10 Minutes Full-Throttle
10 Hours 45 Minutes Slow Speed
Best Use Cruise
Comparable Horsepower 8 Horsepower
Input Power 4000 Watts
Output Power 2240 Watts
Type Cruise Outboards
Voltage 48 Volts DC
Warranty Details Two Years
Weight 42.8 Pounds


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