Honda’s 8 HP Model # BF8DK3SHA comes equipped with a 15 inch short shaft, manual easy start, a longer tiller for better control. You can not go wrong with Honda marine’s high tech outboards. This motor will deliver the extra power you need, the durability you expect from a Honda and a smooth quiet ride. Add to that, Honda builds the lightest, most compact outboards, making them easy to transport. Add in Honda’s “best in the industry” 5 year warranty, and you have a winner.

– Reliable, efficient 4-stroke design

– Easy One Hand Starting

– True 5 Warranty

– Ultra Low 3 Star CARB Emissions

– 4-Front Corrosion Protection System – Fights the elements

– Available with Power Thrust Design (BFP) – better performance for heavy loads

– Reverse Exhaust Relief – increased manueverability (BFP models)

– Longer Tiller Handle – improved control

– PGM Ignition – optimal operation

– Engine Alert System – Keeps you informed

– Best in Class High Output Charging

– Lightweight Rounded Design

– Auto Start Enrichment – easy starts

– Pendulum Mount System – smooth operation

– EZ Steer Friction Control

– Shallow Water Drive

– Up Front Tiller Controls – convenient shifting

– Integrated Carrying Handle – easier transport

– Positive Lubrication for better durability


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