The 6 hp Tohatsu outboard motor model MFS6CSPROL is the largest single-cylinder model available and comes equipped with a 20 inch shaft length. If you’re in search of lightweight portable power, the 6hp Tohatsu outboard engine is an excellent choice for a variety of small craft as well auxiliary power for sailboats and trolling/kicker power for larger fishing boats. Whether you’re cruising the harbor, fishing inland waterways, or exploring the great outdoors the lightweight Tohatsu 6hp outboard offers boaters reliable portable power at a price you can afford.

What’s in the box:

– Fuel Tank (3.1 gallon)

– Quick Connect Fuel Line

– Aluminum Propeller

– Owner’s Manual & Tool Kit

– Tohatsu 5-Year Warranty

– Newly Redesigned 2013 “C” Model

– Factory Installed 12V 60W 5A Alternator

– Advanced Digital CD Ignition System

– Low Oil Pressure Warning Indicator

– ESG Over Rev RPM Limiter

– High Grade Marine Alloy Construction

– Stainless Steel Water Pump Housing

– Zinc Coated Water Passages

– Sacrificial Zinc Anodes

– Adjustable Steering Friction Setting

– Forward Mounted Gear Shift Selector

– Twist-Grip Throttle with Tension Control

– Integrated Carrying Handle

– High Thrust Propeller (8.375″ Dia. X 6.0″ Pitch)

– Start-In-Gear Protection

– Thermostatically Controlled Cooling

– Advanced Cross Flow Induction System

– Shallow Water Drive; 6 Trim Positions

– Quiet Through-The-Propeller Exhaust

– 3.1 Gallon Fuel Tank / Fuel Line

– Safety Lanyard Cut-Off Switch

– Operating Manual & Emergency Tool Kit

– Tohatsu 5-Year Warranty


Model Year: 2015


Weight: 58.0000

Manufacturer: Tohatsu

Horsepower: 6hp

Shaft Length: 20″ (Long)

Steering: Tiller

Starting: Manual

Trim & Tilt: Manual

Fuel Delivery: Carburetor

Fuel Tank: External

Cylinder(s): 1

Displacement: 123 cc (7.5 cubic inches)

Bore and Stroke: 59 x 45 mm (2.32 x 1.77 inches)

Full Throttle RPM Range: 5,000-6,000 RPM

Ignition System: Digital CD Ignition

Induction Scavenging: OHV

Valves per Cylinder: 2

Fuel Type: Unleaded Gasoline (87 octane)

Fuel Tank / Fuel Line: 3.1 Gal. Fuel Tank + Quick Connect Fuel Line

Oil Type: SAE 10W-30 or SAE 10W-40 (SF, SG, SH, SJ)

Oil Capacity: 15 fl. oz. (450 ml)

Lubrication: Wet Sump

Alternator: 12V 60W 5A (standard on 6hp Sail Pro models)

Cooling System: Water-Cooled, Thermostatically Controlled

Saltwater Rated: Yes

Gear Ratio: 2.15:1

Gear Shift: Forward-Neutral-Reverse (front mount shifter)

Propeller: 8.375″ Dia. X 6.0″ Pitch High-Thrust 3-Blade


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