The Mercury 9.9 CommandThrust delivers the power, thrust, and control that heavier boats demand. A low 2.42:1 gear ratio and high thrust propeller make it an excellent choice for sailboat and trolling/kicker applications. The CommandThrust’s oversized anti-ventiliation plate prevents air from being drawn into the propeller, further enhancing efficiency and performance. Boating is made easier with features such as Mercury’s multi-function tiller handle which allows one-handed operation of F-N-R gear shifting, throttle and throttle tension, steering, and stopping. Additionally, the patented auto-ratchet system allows the user to easily adjust tilt and trim angle.

What’s in the box?

– Fuel Tank (3.2 gallon)

– Mercury 5-Year Warranty

– 4-Blade Aluminum Prop

– Mercury 4-Stroke Oil

– Owner’s Manual & Tool Kit

– Compact and Lightweight

– Designed for Heavy Applications

– CommandThrust Lower Unit (2.42:1 Gear Ratio)

– High Thrust Propeller

– Oversized Anti-Ventilation Plate

– Electric Start + 12V 76W 6A Alternator

– Thru-Cowl Backup Manual Start

– Digital CD Ignition with Spark Advance

– High Grade Marine Alloy Construction

– Stainless Steel Water Pump Housing

– Zinc Coated Water Passages

– Rated for Saltwater Use

– Sacrificial Zinc Anodes and Trim Tab

– Tiller Integrated F-N-R Gear Shifting

– Adjustable Steering Tension Control

– Twist-Grip Throttle with Tension Control

– Thermostat Controlled Water Cooling

– Auto Ratchet Trim System (5 positions)

– Shallow Water Drive

– Quiet Through-Propeller-Hub Exhaust

– 3.2 Gallon Fuel Tank and Fuel Line

– Start-In-Gear Protection

– Low Oil Pressure Warning Indicator

– ESG Over-Rev Protection

– Safety Lanyard Stop Switch

– Owner’s Manual

– Mercury Marine 5-Year Warranty


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